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My names Cayton and my craft is photography and photomanipulation

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He was Taken
Have you ever fallen for someone who was taken?
Single or maybe even married and then you feel a bit broken
until you realize the sea is full of fish and as crazy and chaotic it can be
to fall in love you can and probably will again if you let it happen.

I'm not sure what made me think of this today. I saw this picture and I thought how disappointing it
is to fall in love with someone who is in something as beautiful as you want. It can be mind numbing at least for the moment.
Center of Attention by MeanDarkSmile
Center of Attention
Often I feel the same repeating gesture to try to put myself in the center of other peoples lives. Out of a selfish desire to be wanted. To be loved. I want to be validated. I can't say I wont ever do it again. I don't want to be that person. I want to let go of that ego that drives me in to a familiar chaos. I want to know what it is like to sit in a thoughtless pool. The place where you are not what you want to be but are in a state of "being" asking nothing of the world but being what the world presented you with. A place to call home and it was always inside of yourself and not in the free roaming universe that is infinite with never ending wants. All you need is love from yourself.

I'm trying to take this to heart so I can be happier with the rest of the life I have.
YAY I'm so happy to have gotten a DD. Is that what they call it? I'm not sure. Either way I wasn't aware till yesterday that I got one. I took some more photos so I'll be uploading soon. My 365 has been neglected..might take me another year to finish it. Two years to finish a 365. ARG. 
I'm trying to be on DA more but I get annoyed when I have nothing to contribute. I have nothing to show or post. I have nothing to talk about. So, I'm deciding to do a random favorite 10 of today. Why not? I just want too. I'm going to do it. So, prepare yourself for my random favorite friday 10. My favorite 10 and why. I apologize if the reason why I like something ends up being "because it is awesome." I often feel like comments on DA and anything else ends up being "I love this" but why do you love it? I'm trying to break from that habit. 

I'll post a picture and then write a why I love it and why you should under it just in case you get a little confused on my set up aha. 

Magic Ballet Shoes by Qinni
1. I love the textures of this and the coloring. Her shoe color being gold really goes well with the blue to me. Over all just super wonderful.
I enjoy the specks and the red that goes across her body as if it was a girl being taken by a polaroid film camera. 

Inks by Kuvshinov-Ilya
2. I love her eyes and her hair and her purple. I love the color people. Her lips. See how amazingly awesome my
reasons why I love this are?!? But really I've been a fan of this artist for awhile and everything he puts out I just enjoy
a million times over.

Breath by TwiggyTeeluck
3. I enjoy the bokeh in this photo. It makes me miss summer. I'm not a fan of cold or the winter. I live in Alaska too. I am a contradiction with my home.
This makes me want to go on a walk on a summer trail and just take photos and listen to music. Maybe even go music-less and listen to the quiet. 
A very beautiful yet simple photo that brings a calming to me.

Go backwards ---Preview by fairyladyphotography Gray by fairyladyphotography

4. I decided to pick two photos from fairyladyphotography because these are very wonderful and have a minimalist feel. The rules of third being used along with the use of color. These are wonderful. Not being able to see the faces give it a mysterious feel. 

Last picture by fairyladyphotography
5.Another photo by Fairylandphotography. I just love this. Minimalist and has this very monochromatic feeling. I feel somber. I love it. Just beautiful. 

Chilling touches by Raining-Insanity

6. Simplistic yet beautiful. I love the touch of teal from the double exposure.

Invest in a dragon! by Exileden

7.I like dragons what can I say. This might be a rough sketch but it is amazing and looks like
a fully done piece to me. 

Adam by uglybug

8. This photo. Soon as I saw this It was my favorite. I love the crown he is wearing and for some reason it tickles my eye bone to see the crown in comparison to where the moon is in the background. (If that even makes sense) I should say the rule of thirds is what I mean. I love the positioning of things. I enjoy the metal crown and want one for myself. Makes me think of a prince adventuring. A very non luxurious more casual comfortable prince. 

Secret by siby
9. This has been in my favorites for awhile and this has a DD already but I want to give this some more attention. It is an awesome photo. It makes me feel a bit creeped out but intrigued. I want to go in the room to see what is happening if anything at all. The rule of thirds and where things are positioned. It is a simple yet effective photo. I could write a short horror story about it. This type of photo charges me with inspiration. If you haven't already go fav this photo and look through the many awesome photos Siby posts. 

10.An explosion of color. I could think of so many things that go along with this photo. The small stories you could write or even large ones.
Makes me think of how as kids we are so imaginative but as we get older we don't have that kind of colorful exciting view of the world.

That was my favorite 10. How do I finish this!? I'm not sure. I'm trying to be as I said more on DA. TRYING is the key word. If you have the time go add these to your favorites and enjoy their work. Leave a comment. I'm trying to spread the love as much as I can. If you like something fav it and don't just click away. Say something! I like this idea of spreading good vibes and inspiration. Alright, blah blah I'm going to go now. I'm rambling. Till next time guys!.

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