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My names Cayton and my craft is photography and photomanipulation

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Missing (37/365) by MeanDarkSmile
Missing (37/365)

37/365 February 6th. 
The hardest thing is to feel like something is missing and not know what is missing.
Its like a puzzle with a piece missing and you have no idea where it could of gone.
It can't be finished without that one piece. 

I'm not sure what is missing today.
I Call this Home (35/365) by MeanDarkSmile
I Call this Home (35/365)
35/365 February 4th. I Call this Home

I haven't felt motivated to really push myself for creative portraits or anything abstract like usual. I think taking a break to try something new and enjoy it can be good for me. I don't think anyone knows how hard it is for me to just take a photo and not try to change it a million times over. I have an easy time taking photos and a hard time editing and then sharing them. I end up thinking is what I just took good enough to share? Is it artistic enough? It goes in a circle. For once I just want my brain to shut off so here is some nice frosty trees.

What do you do given a few days in a new city? Imagine leaving home right now to spend 48 hours in a band new place. What would you end up seeing? Where would you go? What would you end up eating? I had a chance to travel with my partner in crime (another phrase for my boyfriend) to a beautiful place called Portland.

To be honest I've never wanted to visit Portland until I watched a show called Portlandia. If you don't know what Portlandia is, just google it. Briefly it's basically a quirky clip show that is a parody and if anything a prime example of what Portland is. It is a cluster of influences. It also rains a ton. We arrived on a rainy Sunday the 9th. We would only be staying till Wednesday 11th. We had about 48 hours to check Portland out. Where would we even start?

Being in Portland I felt extremely anxious. I love to travel. I love to travel across my yard to look at my house where my bed is. Flying 5 hours away to a city full of thousands upon thousands of people are confuses me. Being in a new city full of a bunch of strangers where the roads like webs lead to new places to see. It makes me feel like a chicken with its head covered. Where do you go? What do you do? Luckily I had my boyfriend there. If I was alone I'm not sure what I would of done. I'd like to say I was independent but when I get anxious I have to pee. He made me pee a little bit less.

Anchorage Alaska is fairly simple. Comparing it to Portland is like comparing an addition problem to a algebra problem with half the alphabet in it. I love airports. For some reason they are this collection of people going places. I find it really neat to think how many people pass through an airport. What I don't like is being stuck at one and not being able to just drive home. We were stuck in Seattle till we manage to finally get to Portland. We arrived on Sunday at night get a flat rate Taxi to go to Benson Hotel.

The best way to describe the Benson Hotel was Cheetah Girls. If you don't know what the Cheetah girls are then please google it. Just know they are amazing and it has some Raven Symone action going on. (I'm a That So Raven fan. If you have no idea what that is please google and then watch my childhood)

We now have a solid 48 hours to explore Portland and Oregon. Where do we even start? Even thinking about it now, it was a blur. It went by so quickly. I could try to describe every little detail but I'll just list a few things we managed to do.

Monday the 10th we hit up Country Cat a restaurant that appeared on the foot network. We went to Urban Grind Coffee. We drove around a million places. My boyfriend driving as I can't be trusted to drive. Even he had trouble driving at times because the roads at least to me were a spider web. How does anyone get around in bigger cities? We visited a Japanese garden that was a bit stingy with tripods. They charge you $5 for using a tripod? I'm not sure why and how to correlated a dollar amount to tripod usage. We had dinner at a Pho restaurant that was one of the grossest places I've been in to awhile. They had bugs in the restroom and the bowls and plates were not very clean. I don't want to talk about it. When you travel you should always try to eat at a place cant experience at home.

Afterwards we went to Salt and Straw to have some pear and blue cheese ice cream. It was actually amazing. Had several samples of the strangest combinations one could shove in to ice cream and they were all delicious. We also ended up twisted in regret for not eating at a place around Salt and Straw. Pok Pok comes to mind. A make shift restaurant that looks like to houses hugging each other.

Moving on to Tuesday the 11th We visited Multnomah Falls and Cannon Beach. If Oregon had landmark cliche it would be those two places. They were a joy to see though. Cannon Beach was so beautiful. I could I just watched the water go in and out all day. I was told that going up the coast it even gets better. How that is possible I'm not sure. We drove around a lot that day. We even had to take a nap. It was a long day which included making a trip to Voodoo Doughnuts. Then the best way to end a trip we went to the hotel room and just relaxed. Add a ton of sarcasm to that last sentence. We should of walked around Portland a bit. I wanted more photos! I took about 800 and to me that's not enough. I always try to take a few photos of the same subject trying to get the best frame. Instead we got take out from Pok Pok and watched Her and About Time. I might add are both my new favorites in term of films. If you haven't seen them stop reading and go watch them!

In the morning of Wednesday 12th we had to go to the airport and drop the rental car off. We talked to a light rail and we were at the airport. It went by so quickly. All of a sudden we were on a plane back home to Alaska.

That was my entire trip of Portland more or less in a nut shell. I'm sure I've forgotten a few things. The best way to share my experience beyond words is through photos. As I said I took a ton of photos but not as many as I wanted.

With that guys thanks for reading. Hope your having a fantastic week. I'll try to post more on DA! I promise.
To see more of my Portland Trip go to my Tumblr down below! 

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